Three Steps – Poems by J H Martin

Three Steps

Poems by J H Martin

Three Steps is a new collection of poems by J H Martin, chronicling his return to Europe, after over a decade in Asia, his withdrawal from prescription drugs and alcohol, and his ongoing recovery.

Honest, direct, and, at times, unsettling, the poems in Three Steps track back and forth between the personal and the universal, as the writer addresses his past, his present, and the many challenges, which we all face, when it comes to trying to understand the true nature of our selves, and the ever-changing world around us.

Modern in outlook, yet grounded by a timeless, natural style, the poems in this collection should appeal to those who enjoy the works of William Carlos Williams, Han ShanTao Yuanming, and Saigyo, as well as to those who like to keep a pocket-sized-book of poetry on their person, for whenever they might need it, during the course of their day’s journey.

Poetry; even when describing happy moments has the task of touching the layers below, the places where some visit carefully and others never exit… The poetry in ‘Three Steps’ narrates these emotional subjects of the human condition, evoking those quiet places where you can detach from today’s reality… or just enjoy being engaged by the poetry.

– Joelcy Kay, EditorEdge of Humanity Magazine

J H Martin’s poetry is both sublime and severe; a good scrubbing of desert sand to make a dull soul shine. His words couldn’t be more human; bumping through all fears and foibles in search of the divine. Read and be challenged, possibly changed; delightfully diverted at the least.

– mh clay, Poetry Editor, Mad Swirl

Three Steps is now available to read, download and share for free.


Three Steps by J H Martin

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