Some Day Or Other – A Poem by J H Martin


A man got out of his car

And emptied his gun
Into the nearby buildings

Two children were killed
By a heavy goods truck

And somebody somewhere
Was awarded a medal for bravery

I rubbed my eyes
And pushed the paper away

And looked up at
The black and white photos

Of war crimes and genocide

That covered the walls
Of the upmarket bar

While a belly dancer
Talked to me

How she used to climb trees
In her village up north

Before she became an adult film star

Outside by the river
I could see that

The dealers and thieves

Hadn’t stopped for a second
To listen to her

But the fried rice was good
And the beer was ice cold…


Some Day Or Other – a new long poem by J H Martin, which is available to read, download, and share for free by following the link below.

An earlier and shorter version of the poem first appeared in Edge of Humanity Magazine.


Some Day Or Other – Free Download