Lifeline – A Short Story by J H Martin


“No, Stevo, I’m telling ya. I’m gonna do it. I don’t have any choice… Of course, he’ll go for it. I mean, you know him, right? All those magazines all over the place, but not a man in sight…”

“Exactly… He’s old. He’s lonely. And he’s got money. Loads of it…”

“When? Right now, mate. Yes, right now… I’m walking down his road…”

“Nah, mate, I haven’t got any credit, so I’ll have to phone him from the telephone box over there…”

“No, Stevo… I have to… How the fuck else am I going to pay those fines, let alone eat? Look, mate, enough of the chat, alright? I’m at the telephone box now…”


Lifeline – a new short but powerful piece of street-based fiction by J H Martin, which is available to read, download and share for free by following the link below.

Lifeline is taken from a forthcoming collection of short stories and flash fiction by J H Martin, entitled Street Walking. An earlier version of the story first appeared in Dialogual, a dialogue-only short story magazine.


Lifeline – Free Download