Dragons – A Short Story by J H Martin


…Of course, Po Sein didn’t like it, but his mother had no choice but to leave him on his own sometimes. She had to work to pay the rent and to put food on the table. And with both her parents and her grandparents having died before she’d even turned nine-years-old, his mother had no one to help her either. Not now her younger brother had passed away as well.

“Your uncle wasn’t a bad man,” his mother had told him, “He was a good man. Never forget that, Po Sein. What happened to your father was not your uncle’s fault. It was all your father’s fault. He was the one who kidnapped you, and he was the one who threatened to kill you if I didn’t give him all the money that our family had…”


Dragons (နဂါးတွေ) – a short story set in Myanmar by J H Martin, which is available to read, download and share for free by following the link below.

An earlier and shorter version of the story first appeared in the Prole literary magazine.


Dragons – Free Download