Bricks & Stoves & Barred Windows – A Short Story by J H Martin


“…Seriously though, Jack, how can you live like this?

…Obviously, I didn’t come here to just check out the colour of your wallpaper, but, look, I’m sorry, it’s just that I really didn’t expect this. How long have you been living here?”

“One night and two days,” I said.

“Well, sorry, Jack, but, in my opinion, that’s already two days too many. Surely, you can find yourself something better than this. I mean, come on, Jack, isn’t there anywhere else you can go?”

I would have liked to have stated the obvious to Claire, but I didn’t get the chance. From behind me, a brick came crashing through the window, finishing our conversation, and sending shards of glass all over my back and across the concrete floor. Letting out a scream, Claire jumped back from me and started for the door.

“J-J-Jesus Jack,” Claire stammered, her face white with shock, “W-what the fuck is going on…”


Bricks & Stoves & Barred Windows – a short story from 90s England by J H Martin, which is available to read, download, and share for free by following the link below.

Bricks & Stoves & Barred Windows is taken from a forthcoming collection of short stories and flash fiction by J H Martin, entitled Street Walking. An earlier version of the story was featured in Underwood, the flagship online magazine of Underwood Press.


Bricks & Stoves & Barred Windows – Free Download