Long Days, Long Nights (VI) – A Poem by J H Martin


The delays
And the reason
Are always the same

I see it
Wrapped around
The skin’s pagoda

I feel it filling
My solitary shell

This need to make more
This thirst for control
This link of a chain
This gas for the eyes

Turning tired lowering

They say
A lesson bitter learned
Is better than
A lesson never learned

The fines and the debts
The fights and protests
The rucks and the racks

They all add up with interest
And make the silence

Wrapped up and packed down
I watch the boards
Catch the rain

New pools
For new reflections

A world floating at sea



© J H Martin

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The image, a piece of digital art by J H Martin, entitled Machination, was first featured in Havik‘s Rise issue, and an earlier version of the poem was also featured in Vol. 2 Issue 3 of the Brickplight poetry journal.