Poetry: Artisan


The Dillydoun Review is an online, literary journal that publishes prose and poetry.

The Dillydoun Review derives its name from the archaic word ‘dillydoun,’ meaning “a little lullaby.” Lullabies have been used for centuries to strengthen cultural roles, pass down knowledge, and lure children to sleep with dulcet tones.

But, if you listen closely to even the sweetest-sounding lullaby, there is often a dark, disturbing subject matter threaded through the lyrics. They are complex representations of humanity’s innocence and the struggle to survive an often violent, unforgiven culture of its making. These hypnotic, mournful laments are captivating, terrifying, and yet, scientifically proven to provide therapeutic effects and health benefits for both young and old…

Published monthly, Issue 10 of The Dillydoun Review is now live and features a fresh and eclectic mix of short stories, flash fiction, nonfiction, flash nonfiction, prose poetry, and poetry, including, Artisan; a new poem by J H Martin.

You can read Issue 10 of The Dillydoun Review for free here.