Tarot: Le Soleil

Le Soleil


You are interested in the Tarot.

You do not know very clearly why.

You are vaguely aware that it contains elements which could help you grasp a number of truths about yourself, your orientations and your future, or about things that have from time immemorial remained difficult to access, concerning the nature of the world and the destiny of human beings, about what people mysteriously call “knowledge”.

But you do not know which way to handle the Tarot. You are disturbed by the appearance of some cards. Possibly you recognise shapes, images or ideas which seem familiar or meaningful, but what is to be done with, say, the VI of Cups?

You have read books that deal with the Tarot, you have realised that a considerable number of big words are to be found there, and a great deal of moralising. You have noted that the authors display a lot of confidence about what they profess while remaining rather hazy: you wonder to whose authority they are indebted for such assertiveness, while as far as you are concerned you just manage to skim over the surface of the Tarot; you wonder how true their affirmations are: for in order to buttress their own explanation of the Tarot, they keep referring to other systems, or to their own inner convictions, which, admittedly, are not necessarily erroneous.

But although unable to articulate your impression, you have a deep-rooted feeling that there is something more, that the Tarot is something other than this muddy, muzzy and dusty mixture.

You are right.

The Tarot is in itself a living construction, a pure and integral path.

It is you; it is the Universe. What you only need is a means to see it…



The Tarot – Why, How and How Far

Grimaud, 1982

Reading & Resources on the Tarot

If you are interested in the Tarot and would like to read and learn more, then please make sure to visit Traditional Tarot, where you will find a virtual trove of translations, digests, reviews and critiques of primarily (but not exclusively) French-language materials on the Tarot and related matters, many of which have been largely overlooked in the vast literature on the Tarot in French, not to mention in English.

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