Fiction: Marbàn


Rue Scribe is a small literature journal published by Underwood Press LLC.

We think small as in Small Literature.

It’s been called micro fiction, flash fiction, tiny fiction and cigarette fiction. Early on, these stories were called short shorts or even ultra shorts. You may have your own name for it: bite-sized fiction or fun-sized fiction.

Call it what you will, it is a short story made even more so. Flash fiction is to stories what haiku is to poetry: a world in a drop of water.

Small but powerful.

Get rid of any fluff.  Be ruthless in your editing. Distill it down to its essence and then distill it again. Get to the point.

Get to the point, now.

Featuring a constantly updated selection of short but powerful fiction and poetry, Rue Scribe also features Marbàn; a new short piece of fiction by J H Martin, which you can read for free here.